Did you know?   Should you take the ferry or the monorail, always a tough call after you arrive at the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC)?   A bit of history, after determining that their two steamships were slow and couldn’t keep up with the number of guests at the Magic Kingdom park, WED Enterprises designed double-decker ferry boats modeled after the ones used on Staten Island.      They named these the Magic Kingdom I and Magic Kingdom II, cleaver huh?  They are better known today as the Admiral Joe Fowler (I) and Richard F Irvine (II).   They would later add the Kingdom Queen, to be renamed General Joe Potter.   Each of these boats can hold up to 650 guests and takes about 5 minutes to travel the 1 mile across the Seven Seas Lagoon.   So next time you have the decision, head over to the ferry boats and enjoy the relaxing ride across the lagoon.

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