Hidden Mickey Monday : Dinosaur

Hidden Mickey Monday : Dinosaur

Our Hidden Mickey this week comes from the Dinosaur ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.   Do you ride Dinosaur?   It’s one attraction we love to take our first time visitors on just so we can get the picture at the end :).   In the line as you enter the main building you will see a mural on the wall of  dinosaurs with an asteroid impact behind them.    Take a close look at the clouds around the impact.   

Hidden Mickey - Animal Kingdom - Dinosaur - DisneyDayByDay

Did you find him in the explosion?   Here is a highlight of the area so you can go back and look.   Hi Mickey!

Hidden Mickey - Animal Kingdom - Dinosaur -1- DisneyDayByDay
 We love Hidden Mickey‘s.     Where is your favorite one?

What is the Fastest Attraction at Disney World?

What is the Fastest Attraction at Disney World?

What is the fastest attraction at Walt Disney World -DisneyDayByDay


Did you wake up today with the need for speed?    Headed to the parks and wondering which attraction is the fastest on property?   Let’s take a look at some of the fast attractions as there are a few that may surprise you…

                #5 – Monorail – 40 mph

                #4 – Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom) – 40 mph

                #3 – Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom) – 50 mph

                #2 – Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster (Hollywood Studios) and Summit Plummet (Blizzard Beach) – 60 mph

                #1 – Test Track (Epcot) – 65 mph

Which ones of these are on your must do list?

Animal Kingdom at Night

Animal Kingdom at Night

The Animal Kingdom is an amazing park, we love to ride the Safari and see which animals are out and about at different times of the day. But what happens at night? Well you are about to find out as the Animal Kingdom has recently announced Harambe Nights and the Rivers of Light Nighttime Spectacular.

Harambe Nights

  •  Harambe Nights includes seating for a performance of The Lion King – Concert in the Wild, a welcome reception with food, live music, drinks (including wine and beer), special merchandise, character greetings, and to top it off a special finale. Harambe Nights does cost extra ($119 Adult and $79 children) and will only occur on certain nights this summer. Please consult Disney’s Website for dates and more information.

Rivers of Light Nighttime Spectacular

  • Rivers of Light Nighttime Spectacular – will be the first night time show at Animal Kingdom and will feature floating lanterns, water screens and animal imagery. The show will be in the larger body of water between Discovery Island and Expedition Everest.  Dates have yet to be announced on when this will begin.

Ok, I know what you are thinking. We will be parting it up but what about the safari animal, which brings us to today’s trivia….. Where do the Safari Animals go at night?

Wildlife Express Train 14

Did you know each of the animals have their own call to return to their nighttime enclosures? If you ride the Wildlife Express Train back to Conservation Station you will see some of their nighttime accommodations. All the animals are trained to a certain sound (bells, hands clapping, etc) that indicates that it is their time to return home. The animals are trained so well that the process only takes about 1 hour each night to get everyone tucked in for the night.   Simply amazing isn’t it?

Hidden Mickey Monday:  Finding Nemo

Hidden Mickey Monday: Finding Nemo

Our Hidden Mickey this week comes from the Finding Nemo Show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.   Instead of finding Nemo, let’s see if we can find Mickey.   We love this show, but pay close attention to the sign before you head into the theater.   Hmmm can you spot him?

Finding Nemo The Musical - Hidden Mickey


Could he be in those bubbles?    Take a look at the lower right hand side of the sign.

Finding Nemo The Musical - Hidden Mickey 1

Hi Mickey!!  So happy to find you again this week.

We love  Hidden Mickey‘s.      Where else have you seen him on a sign?