Festival of Fantasy Parade starts March 9

Festival of Fantasy Parade starts March 9

With the end of the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade we all have been anxiously awaiting the new Magic Kingdom Parade.   Well, that waiting is close to an end as the Festival of Fantasy parade begins on March 9, 2014.    With all the amazing pictures circulating on the web you are sure to be as excited as we are to see this new parade.    Here are a few of the initial drawings along with one of the dragon floats for the parade.

Festival of Fantasy Festival of Fantasy 1

But a parade is not complete without Choreography and Music.   Here is a sneak peek at the choreography workshops.   Amazing amount of work goes into these parades.   Take a look….


And music, these parades touch on all our senses and as they mention in this clip, the music is the glue that holds all the pieces and scenes together.   Let’s take a look inside one of the recording sessions……
We are so excited to see this new parade, which float or what part of the parade are you most excited to see?

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