Favorite Food Friday – PizzeRizzo

Favorite Food Friday – PizzeRizzo

Our Favorite Food This Week: Pizza
Location: PizzeRizzo, Hollywood Studios
Price:  $9.45 (cheese) $9.99 (veggie, pepperoni) $10.69 (meat lovers)

Welcome to this week’s Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods with our friends.  Happy New Year, I know it’s been awhile since we posted last, but we are back to bring you some of our favorite foods across the world for 2017.    We open 2017 with a “newer” addition to Hollywood Studios, PizzeRizzo which has replaced one of our favorites, Pizza Planet.   We were sad to see it go, but what good was it after they removed all the claw games.

PizzeRizzo opens in the same building as Pizza Planet but with many needed additions.   The ordering and seating areas are now huge and are ready to help accommodate the overflow from the Star Wars areas of the park.   The building is now set to to look closer to a New York style pizza place with an additional banquet hall on the second floor called, Rizzo’s Deluxe Supreme Banquet Hall, which appears to be hosting a wedding reception, with music provided by DJ Electric Mayhem.  Be sure to head to the second floor to check it out.

As for the Pizza, this is the same pizza that was found at Pizza Planet.  If you didn’t like the pizza then, you won’t like it now.   Our family happens to enjoy this pizza over the flatbread style pizza that has been taking over many of the other counter service restaurants.    No, it’s no Via Napoli, but if you are looking for a quick pizza fix in Hollywood Studios, PizzeRizzo fits the bill.   And here is a tip if you don’t want the salad or are looking to save a few bucks, ask for just the pizza.   The price on the menu includes a Cesar salad, but you can ask to just get the pizza and they shave a few bucks off the price.     Also if you are in the parks at night check out the sign that says “The city‘s top rated pizza“.   Some of the lights flicker and when they do it says “It’s Rat Pizza”.

What’s your favorite Pizza at the parks?   Have a great 2017!!