Did You Know This Week’s Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia About Spaceship Earth?

Riding Spaceship Earth this past weekend I began to wonder, how many ride vehicles are there?   The omnimover style ride is constantly moving and the ride lasts around 15 minutes from start to end.   So what would your guess be?

A. 50
B. 86
C. 128
D. 152

Spaceship Earth 10

D is correct. There are 152 vehicles on Spaceship Earth. With 4 people per vehicle that puts a little over 600 people on the attraction at one time. A couple other facts. Spaceship earth is 180 feet tall and weighs in at 16,000,000 pounds. With it’s size, it has an amazing gutter system and virtually no water drips from it during the Florida downpours, water goes from the gutters into underground pipes and finally into the World Showcase Lagoon.  And for those of you that like to call it the golf ball, if it was a golf ball the golfer would need to be over 1 mile tall. Fore!