I’m tired, my legs hurt, look at these blisters; yes all conversations heard as you walk the parks on your Disney trip.   But just how much are you walking?   Let’s take a look at World Showcase, as it’s a clear start and end to your journey, unless you back track.    What is the distance around World Showcase Lagoon?

A. .75 miles
B. 1 mile
C. 1.2 miles
D. 1.5 miles

Distance Around World Showcase

We always start in Mexico and work our way to Canada, but no matter which way you turn you are walking 1.2 miles (C).   At the Magic Kingdom if you walk from the entrance to the Castle you have walked .25 of a mile which means you will have to walk to the castle a couple times to get a mile in.    Yes, it’s a lot of walking, but you don’t even realize how much, on average a person will walk 6 – 10 miles a day at any given park if you are there for much of the day.   How much do you feel like you walk while at the parks?