Animal Kingdom: DINOSAUR

Fastpass+: Yes Ride Duration: 3 minutes Year Introduced: Apr 1998 Height Restriction: 40 inches



In this thrilling ride you’ll head back in time to the land of the dinosaurs in order to pick up an innocent plant-eating Iguanodon. Don’t worry, you should be perfectly safe…not! This line usually isn’t too long, and there are plenty of fossils to look at along the way. After heading through the queue, you’ll enter a research control center where you’ll watch a video about your upcoming adventure. After the video you’ll end up in a 12- seat Time Rover, headed back to the age of dinosaurs! But beware, not only are there meat-eating dinos that won’t take kindly to your arrival, but there are asteroids headed your way! Time is running out not only for your dino friends, but for you! Although not a roller coaster, this is an exciting ride that can make even the more die-hard thrill seekers a bit nervous. As you head over rough terrain, the ride can get a bit shaky so make sure to hold tight! Because of the darkness, the flashing asteroids and huge dinosaurs that can jump out at any moment, in our opinion this is one of Disney World’s scariest rides.

 Fun Fact: This ride actually runs on the same ride system as Disneyland’s Indiana Jones! 
 Mom’s worry note: As mentioned above, this ride is scary! It can get bumpy, so hold onto your kids. Young ones and children afraid of the dark will definitely want to skip this one. If you do take little ones aboard, make sure they sit on the inside of your row so they feel a bit more protected


DBD_Rating_4 Very exciting ride with lots of action.   Be sure to be scared of the last big dinosaur as this is where they take your picture and you will surely want to buy it.

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