Animal Kingdom: Kali River Rapids

Fastpass+: Yes
Ride Duration: 5 minutes
Year Introduced: Mar 1999
Height Restriction: 38 inches


Kali River Rapids


How many times have you secretly fantasized about being the chosen one? Were you passed up when the captains were picking their dodge ball teams? Did your boss pass you by for that promotion? Well somehow, someway, I am always the chosen one on this ride. Welcome to Kali River Rapids, the wettest ride at Disney World, excluding the water parks of course.

As you enter the queue you are transported to an Asian country complete with ancient ruins and a temple. As you approach the loading area you will be welcomed to “Kali Rapids Expeditions” where they warn you about illegal logging in the area, so be on the lookout.

Kali River Rapids is raft ride seating 12 people in pairs similar to what you will see at other theme parks but of course complete in Disney style. Your raft will flow through a rain forest, temple ruins, and finally into an area where loggers have cleared the forest. Listen closely for the sound of chainsaws as they continue their work.

Along the way your raft will spin and drop down a few waterfalls. And here is where my “chosen one” moment kicks in. If you are at the top of the raft on the way up then you will be at the bottom on the way down and the gush of water will greet you. I’ve been soaked on this ride each time my family has gone on it so I know the feeling. A poncho may help, but when the water goes over your shoulder and into the poncho, what’s the point.

Overall the ride is a little disappointing as for the 5 minutes you are on the ride, much of it is spent just on the assent up the hill causing my son to want to go again. It is fun and a quick way to cool off in the hot summer days, so if the line isn’t unbearable give it a try and see if you can be the chosen one, or two.

 Tips: If you pass the entrance on your left you will find Kali River Rapids Storage Lockers.   These are great to use while you experience the attraction, the first 2 hours of the lockers are free.   Otherwise, ziplocs to put your electronics in would be a good idea. If you don’t have one you can stop by a gift shop and ask for a bag. There is a covered area in the middle of the raft to put bags and such, but there is no guarantee they won’t get wet. Shoes are also required on the raft so be sure to bring along a pair of sandals or flip-flops to slip on before the ride. Soaking wet tennis shoes and socks are no fun to walk the park in the rest of the day. The Florida summer sun will quickly dry your clothes, but if you plan to go on the ride in the fall or winter, you may want to bring an extra pair of clothing.


DBD_Rating_3half Overall it’s a fun ride if you are in the mood to get wet and the line isn’t long or you have fast passes just wish it was a little longer.

Let us know what you think of this ride and leave us a comment below. Slip on your sandals and hang on tight… you just might be the next chosen one???

Photo Tour

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