Animal Kingdom: The Boneyard

Fastpass+: No
Ride Duration: Until you can find your kids and leave
Year Introduced: Apr 1998
Height Restriction: None


The Boneyard

Let your children run off some steam! In this interactive, outdoor playground children will be able to race down slides, walk over rickety bridges, uncover dinosaur fossils like a real paleontologist, and even splash in some water!  Although visitors of all ages are welcome, this playground is intended for kids ten and under.

Tip: Look for these hidden mickeys! Also look for the dino foot prints; when you jump on them, they roar like a dinosaur! 
 Mom’s worry note: It’s easy to lose your child in this large place. There is only one exit and entrance with Disney cast members standing nearby, so children should be safe. Still, keep an eye on them as they are, of course your responsibility and it’s easy for them to get lost. Kids may also want to climb to the top of the tower and not want to come down, so you might have to climb up and rescue them! Also, in the summer this playground can get hot! So if it’s a must on your list, you may want to go early in the day. 


DBD_Rating_2 This is a large playground with a lot of things for the kids to burn off steam on.   A great place to bring the kids if they are tired of standing lines.   Overall it can be skipped if you are only spending a single day at Animal Kingdom.


Photo Tour

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