Animal Kingdom: TriceraTop Spin

Fastpass+: No
Ride Duration: 1 minutes 30 seconds
Year Introduced: Mar 2002
Height Restriction: None


TriceraTop Spin


Have you ever dreamed of flying over Dinoland in a Triceratops?   Well now is your chance.

This is a simple spinner ride exactly like Dumbo and Magic Carpets of Aladdin.   Each Triceratops fits 4 people, 2 up front and 2 in the back.   You can control the up and down movement along with the tilting of your Dinosaur.

Like the other spinner attractions your dinosaur is attached to an arm that goes in a circle. Children will enjoy the fact that they can be in control, and you’ll get a great view of Dinoland from the sky!


DBD_Rating_2  Line is usually short and for some reason kids love the power of controlling flying higher and lower but if you ridden Dumbo or Aladdin this thrill should be fulfilled.


Photo Tour

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