Epcot: Universe of Energy

Fastpass+: No
Ride Duration: 45 minutes
Year Introduced: Sept 1996
Height Restriction: None


Universe of Energy


You’ll leave the Universe of Energy knowing more about natural resources than you thought possible. But don’t worry, this isn’t all about learning…its fun too!

Your first stop on this long ride (45 minutes!) you’ll enter a large room (standing only) where you’ll watch an amusing video staring Ellen DeGeneres. Just like anything Ellen does, this is video plenty funny with silly situations and jokes. Ellen falls asleep while watching Jeopardy, only to dream she’s on the show! She doesn’t know much about natural resources, but fortunately she gets help from Bill Nye the Science Guy. If you’ve made it through the standing portion of the ride, fear not… the rest of the attraction involves sitting in a vehicle that will take you back in time to the world of dinosaurs.

If you have the time and energy to stand for half the attraction, and can get past the ridiculous-looking animatronic Ellen fighting with the dinosaur, you might find this attraction interesting and amusing. But if you’re running low on time and your legs are aching, skip it. As funny as Ellen is, the attraction is old, outdated and you’ll see better animatronic dinosaurs at Animal Kingdom.

Mom’s worry note: The first half of this ride (and its long) might bore young kids and worse, you’ll have to stand! Once you sit, the second half of the ride is dark and the loud dinosaurs might frighten younger kids. [


DBD_Rating_2 The ride is long and mostly movies about energy which tends to bore both kids and adults.


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