Hollywood Studios: Toy Story Mania

Fastpass+: Yes
Ride Duration: 6 minutes
Year Introduced: May 2008
Height Restriction: None


Toy Story Mania


Join your favorite Toy Story characters with Mr. Potato Head as your host in this zany 4D shootin game. On this ride you’ll jump in your tram and play five different virtual carnival games. So grab your 3D glasses and your laser gun. Who will hit the most targets and score the highest? You never know, it could be you!

Parent Worry Note: Not much to worry about here as this ride is geared toward families. Visitors of all ages will have a good time trying to out-shoot each other and score the highest. The vehicle trams do move rather quickly and take turns sharply, so be prepared for one fast-moving game.

Final Note: Get on this ride as soon as the park opens, or make sure to get a fastpass weeks in advance. This line gets ridiculously long, and is in fact the worst line offender at Hollywood Studios. Should you ride it? If the line isn’t too long, or you have a chance to give a fast pass, definitely give it a try as this is one fun interactive ride for visitors of all ages.



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