Magic Kingdom: Mad Tea Party

Fastpass+: No
Ride Duration: 1 minute 30 seconds
Year Introduced: Oct 1971
Height Restriction: None


Mad Tea Party


Do you like your tea stirred?  How about spun while you sit in the cup?  Well that’s exactly what you get with the Mad Tea Party attraction at the Magic Kingdom.   Word to the wise, if you get motion sickness or have trouble with spinning you might want to sit this one out and be the family official photographer.

The Mad Tea Party is a classic Disney ride and one of the first that allowed for guests to influence their ride.   As you step into your tea cup and close the door, you will notice a nice bright and shiny wheel in the middle of the cup.   This wheel can be used to spin your cup faster and faster or in the opposite direction.   We recommend coming to an agreement on the spin factor before agreeing to get into the cup with anyone.

If you arrive early in the morning you just might get to experience the attraction with Alice or the Mad Hatter in the cup with you.   If you don’t make it in time, Alice and the Mad Hatter have a meet and greet just outside the attraction at many times throughout the day, just consult your times guide.   



Classic ride and usually a short ride.   Take it for a spin.

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