Magic Kingdom: Peter Pan’s Flight

Fastpass+: Yes
Ride Duration: 3 minutes
Year Introduced: Oct 1971
Height Restriction: None


Peter Pan’s Flight


Peter PanPeter Pan is one of Disney World’s oldest, yet most popular rides. And who can blame visitors for liking it; the ride is adorable! You’ll hop aboard your own “flying ship” which sits 2-3, then head over London and off to Neverland to visit pirates, Indians and mermaids! This super cute ride is a reminder of what childhood is all about…imagination!

So what’s the downside? The ridiculously long line, of course! This is another ride that fills up fast. Considering the actual ride isn’t very long, you might find the average hour wait a horrifying prospect.

Here at Disney Day by Day we encourage you to arrive at the park even before it opens. If you’re at the Magic Kingdom early and headed straight back to Fantasyland, I highly suggest hopping on Peter Pan first thing in the morning. If you’re too late and the line is already long, I suggest getting a fastpass, and while you’re waiting head to Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, It’s a Small World, Winnie the Pooh, or Mickey’s Philharmagic.

Warning! This ride is for all ages, but it is dark and if you’re like me, you’ll be nervous as you child hangs over the edge of your flying ship to get a better view. Don’t worry, you’re not nearly as high as it seems. So just wrap an arm tightly around your kid, sit back and think of a wonderful thought, any merry little thought!



A great Disney classic that the entire family is sure to enjoy.   So grab hold of some pixie dust and enjoy the flight.

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