Magic Kingdom: Pirates of the Caribbean

Fastpass+: No
Ride Duration: 8 minutes 30 seconds
Year Introduced: Dec 1973
Height Restriction: None


Pirates of the Caribbean


Pirates of the Caribbean SignYo Ho, Yo Ho a pirate‘s life for me…..We’s want the red head!  Weave your way through the underground cavern you landlubber, and board your ship for an adventure through the Caribbean.

Welcome to the Pirates of the Caribbean.  There are lots of pirate items to see along the queue area, so be sure to take a minute or two and look at the canons and dungeons.   See if you can spot the two prisoners in a game of chess, wonder who won? Looks like neither!

After you board your 15 passenger ship you will sail off on an adventure.  Be sure to watch for   the mermaids in the water and the mermaid skeleton.   You will then go down a small drop, definitely not like Splash Mountain, but this helps to set the stage as you turn the corner and fall right into a pirate battle.   Cannon fire can come close to the boat so be prepared for a splash or two.   After you sail smack-dab through the middle of a battle, you’ll sail into town.  This isn’t Norman Rockwell’s idea of small town life! Be prepared to witness pirates in all of their swashbuckling and not so swashbuckling ways. You’ll witness pirates chasing women, pirates drinking, even wallowing in the mud! A pirate’s life for me, indeed! Wait, was that Jack Sparrow?  Why yes, he was added to the ride in 2009.


DBD_Rating_5A great Disney classic that the entire family is sure to enjoy or at least a way to beat the summer heat in the cool caverns.  Enjoy your cruise through the Caribbean but keep your eye out for pirates.  Young children may find the dark ride frightening!

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