Magic Kingdom: The Barnstormer

Fastpass+: Yes
Ride Duration: 1 minute
Year Introduced: Oct 1996 (Great Goofini March 2012)
Height Restriction: 35 inches


The Barnstormer


The Barnstormer is a short (less than 1 minute) roller coaster intended for younger kids who aren’t tall enough or ready for the bigger thrill rides.   The flight begins with an uphill climb, then a quick plunge with twists, turns, and finally through an advertising billboard.  All just enough to give you the taste of the bigger coasters.   This was a favorite of our sons before he was tall enough for the big boy coasters.

This is a slow loading attraction, so it’s best to arrive in Storybook Circus early in the day.   If there is a long line you may want to hit some other attraction then check back.    If you do take little ones on the ride, be sure to put your arm around them to provide a cushion between their head and the ride car.  As you finish the ride, the breaking system can be a bit rough and our son hit his head a few times.  



If your little ones can’t go on the bigger rollercoasters yet, then it’s a nice way to let them feel big.   But, because of the often long line and short duration you may want to skip this one.

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Magic Kingdom - The Barnstormer The Barnstormer 2 The Barnstormer 1 The Barnstormer

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