Our Favorite Food This Week: Chocolate Banana Cream Almond Crisp
Location: ABC Commissary – Hollywood Studios
Price: $4.99 (DDP)

Welcome to Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods.    Hollywood Studios is our destination today, just couple more months before this park is filled to the brim with Star Wars fans :).   The Chocolate Banana Cream Almond Crisp is a mouthful to say and a treasure trove of textures.  The top is a chocolate mousse a cake in the middle and crispies on the bottom.   Overall the look at the textures of this dessert is awesome, as for the flavor, it could have used a bit more.    I was expecting bold chocolate and banana flavors, but we mainly got banana.   Overall it was just ok, it was a large dessert so if you are looking for a large banana dessert this might just be it.   What your favorite dessert at Hollywood Studios???