Our Favorite Food This Week: Cannoli Cake
Location: Pizzafari – Animal Kingdom
Price: $4.99 (DDP)

Welcome to Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods.    Animal Kingdom food has really started to kick up this year.   New menu items have started to pop up and we are always looking for the next sweet treat.   On this visit to the park we checked out the Cannoli Cake, although not new, it was our first time checking this out.   First off, i wish that the cannoli on top of the cake was left off to the side rather than on the cake as ours had soaked up the moisture from the cake and was soggy.   Other than that, the cake was pretty good, the overall texture was more cheesecake than cake cake :).   If you are a fan of cannolis this would be something you would definitely want to try.   If you are at Animal Kingdom – where do you go for a quick sweet snack?