Favorite Food Friday - Cinnamon Almonds

Our Favorite Food This Week:  Cinnamon-glazed Almonds
Location: Food Carts, we found ours in Adventureland near the Magic Carpets
Cost: $4.75

Welcome to this week’s Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods with our friends.   What’s that smell, where is it coming from, these are often words you will hear as the food carts fire up the cinnamon glazed Almonds.   These almonds are coated with sugary goodness, but they still classify as a healthy snack in my eyes.    Just be careful of the final pieces at the bottom of the cone, some of these are just the candy cinnamon and don’t contain an almond, these pieces are very hard and we don’t want any broken teeth.    The Cinnamon-glazed almonds can be found at food carts throughout Walt Disney World.   Enjoy!

If you would like to try and make these at home – try the recipe at The Disney Chef.

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