Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes - DisneyDayByDay

Let’s head back to opening day at Walt Disney World, you walk in, get your ride ticket booklet, and head to Frontierland.   In Frontierland you find three attractions, one these is the not much of an attraction, the Frontierland Train Station.   The other two are the Country Bear Jamboree and Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes.

One of our favorites was Davy Crocket’s Explorer Canoes.   The canoes opened on opening day at the park and allowed guest to explore the rivers of America at a slow pace.   Described as “Youngsters of all ages can experience the thrill of paddling an Indian war canoe down the Rivers of America.   As everyone paddles together, their Frontierland guide keeps a sharp eye out for river pirates or unfriendly Indians.”

You would board your canoe in the boarding area just north of the current Tom Sawyer raft boarding area.   The dock now serves as the Frontierland designated smoking area.  This C ticket attraction did require the guests to do some work as each guest had to help row the 35 foot canoe.     I’ll be honest and say that sometimes I did help much, but guides at the front and the back of the boat helped to keep us on course.   Can you imagine being the guides with a boat full of tourists who have never rowed in their life?

The Davy Crocket’s Explorer Canoes traveled the Rivers of America along the same path as the Liberty Square Riverboat takes today.   Due to other budgetary cuts in the early 90’s the attraction permanently closed in 1994.  Did you ever get to travel the Rivers of America in a canoe?