As we walked around the Walt Disney World Property the last few days, I began to think about just how big each park was.   Maybe it was because I was laying hardwood flooring the day before we went to the park so my legs were feeling it, but these parks are big.    But how big?

Can you list out all the Disney Theme Parks in the world from the largest park down to the smallest park?    As you think, be sure to separate out each of the parks.

Disney Park Size

I’ll give you one hint here and list out the resort area size along with the parks that make it up.

  • Walt Disney World – 25,000 Acres
    • Made up of Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom
  • Disneyland Resort Paris – 4,800 Acres
    • Made up of Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios Paris
  • Disneyland Resort – 510 Acres
    • Made up of Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure
  • Tokyo Disney Resort – 494 Acres
    • Made up of Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySeas
  • Hong Kong Disneyland – 311 Acres
    • Made up of Hong Kong Disneyland

That’s a big hint, now could you separate out each park and list them out in order from largest to smallest?

How many did you get right?    Be sure to hop around for more trivia!