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As you step out of the Magic Kingdom and look at the 30 or so bus stops and the non-stop bus traffic, it’s hard to imagine a time when buses were simply marked by a colored flag.   This colored flag was all you needed to know about the bus route.    I  remember watching for the blue flag bus to head back to Fort Wilderness and the Red to head down to Walt Disney World Village.  They even required you to show your resort ID before boarding. 🙂   The few bus routes were Gold, Green, Red, Blue, Black, Green/Yelllow, and Red/White.   You can see there route in our guide book picture below from out 1981 guidebook.

Disney World Transporation 1981 - DisneyDayByDay

Today you will find over 325 buses shuttling guests to locations all over the property.  These buses connect the resorts to all the theme parks, water parks, and Disney Springs.  From the moment you step off your plane, Disney will ensure you get to your destination.     Through outside vendors, Disney has ensured you can get from the airport to the property and even to Disney cruise line without ever having to rent a car.       We have enjoyed this efficient transportation on many of our trips, but we all know what it’s like to just miss that bus to the park you were going to in the morning.    Disney is always looking at ways to make things better and bus transportation is one of them.   If you have been to the parks recently you may have seen the new double articulated buses which allow for double the capacity of a standard bus.   Some resorts also have wait time monitors (pictured below) and we have heard rumors that a new bus app is in testing with cast members which would be added to the My Disney Experience app.

Disney World Bus Transporation Time Estimate - DisneyDayByDay

What is your favorite part of riding on Disney buses?