Disneyland Test Wall

Has anyone else noticed that this brick wall at Disneyland looks a bit odd? As you head down Main Street USA and take a right on Center Street you will come face to face with a brick wall that looks a little bit unfinished or maybe built from some left over bricks to save some money. Hmmm what could the wall be……

Legend has it that this wall was the test wall used to look at different masonry design and brick types for use throughout the park. Leading up to the opening of Disneyland money and time were becoming a bit tight so the wall was left as is. Others say that it was just forgotten about in the mad rush to open the park.

Whatever happened, the wall has remained on Main Street since park opening in 1955.  Be sure to stop by on your next visit and take a look just as DisneyDayByDay Jr and I did here.