The Dole Whip - DisneyDayByDay

Ahhh that fresh feeling you get as you sit in Adventureland enjoying your favorite frozen snack, the Dole Whip…. as I sit next to you eating my citrus swirl. The Disney Company entered into a partnership with the Dole Company around 1976. So despite what some think, the Dole Whip was not at the opening of Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Today the Dole Whip and the Tiki birds go hand and hand to the point that a rumor of Dole removing sponsorship of the attraction caused phones to light up at both Disney and Dole headquarters.

Today we eat about 1.4 million Dole Whips just in the Disney Parks each year and dare I say that Dole Whips have also found their way outside the parks as well. Today you can find Dole Whips at State Fairs, Zoo’s, other Theme Parks, and even at our favorite spot, the Dole Plantation in Hawaii(pictured above). And, did you know, if you have your own soft serve machine at home you can order the Dole Whip Mix from United Enterprises.

  • For those of you who love to enjoy your Dole Whip with Disney here is where you can find them.
    • Disneyland – Tiki Juice Bar, can be taken into the Enchanted Tiki Room
    • Walt Disney World
    • Disneyland Resort Paris – Not Here
    •  Tokyo Disney Resort – Mango Soft Serve, but No Dole Whip here.
    • Hong Kong Disneyland Resort – Nope not here either
    • Aulani – head over to the Lava Shack for your Dole Whip
    • Disney Cruise – Mickey Ice Cream Bars a plenty – but not a Dole Whip in sight.

Where is your favorite place to enjoy a Dole Whip?