Happy Birthday Donald Duck!

Donald Duck’s birthday  is June 9th!   He was born in 1934 which makes him 80 years old this year.  Doesn’t he look great for his age :).   Donald debuted in “The Wise Little Hen” Silly Symphony cartoon and was immediately loved by all.   Today we are celebrating Donald with all of our Disney friends in a fun Donald’s Birthday Party Blog Hop.   After you read through our fun game below be sure to hop over to all the blogs to see all the other great ideas to celebrate Donald’s Birthday.

Play Donald Duck's Quacky Hoopla Game with DisneyDayByDay

Our addition to the party is a fun game called Donald Duck’s Quacky Hoopla Game.  We found this fun game on Disney’s Spoonfull Site so head over there for the step by step details of the game.   It’s a simple ring toss style game, but the fun is in making your own Donald Duck Pin (water bottle).   This also makes it easy to know which water bottle is yours later in the party.

The template for your Donald can be found on the Spoolful Site Here or you can use our pre-colored one by clicking here.   Simply cut out the template, color with your favorite colors, use tape (we used packaging tape) to apply the Donald face to the water bottle and start the ring toss fun.   We used dive rings for a pool, but you can also cut the center out of a paper plate.

Donald Bottle 7 Donald Bottle 5 Donald Bottle 4 Donald Bottle 2 Donald Bottle 1

Donald Birhtday Hop
Again be sure to hop along with the blog hop and check out all the other ways we are celebrating Donald’s Birthday with out friends.