As you stroll around Hollywood Studios have you ever noticed that there are two major sections of this park, the front side being Fancy Dancy Hollywood and the back half as the Production areas (Back Lot)? Over time some of these distinctions have been removed, such as these security gates. As the star, these gates were never closed for you or I.   Do you remember passing through them?
Hollywood Studios Security Booth
These gates were located throughout the park as you moved into the production or back lot areas. This one was located near the Indiana Jones attraction as you walk towards Star Tours. Even on map you can see the coloring change over to a yellowish color in the back lot areas.

Hollywood Studios Areas
There are other things you will notice after you pass into the back lot areas:
• Fences transition from elegant painted fences to just pipes.
• Lampposts become just basic post and light
• Trash cans become gray and don’t display the “Help Keep Our City Clean” images
• Pavement transitions to just plain concrete
• Even flowers and plantings become less and is even just plain sand in certain areas