“This is a frightening thought. Chevy Chase and Martin Short need your help.” Did you ever help them on The Monster Sound Show at MGM?


Monster Sounds

Presented by Sony, the Monster Sound Show at Disney-MGM Studios was an interactive show that allowed members of the audience to join sound actors on stage to reproduce sound effects for movies.
During the show, 4 members of the audience were selected (volunteered) to help add the sounds effects for a short comedy film in which a deranged butler (Martin Short) attempted to kill an insurance salesman (Chevy Chase).

At the end of the show you would watch the film for a second time, this time with the sound effects that were added by the volunteers, most of them off the mark which provided for some funny moments.
After the show you would head into the Soundworks post show area where everyone had their chance at adding sound to classic movies.

This area was The Monster Sound Show from 1989 to 1997.   Then became the One Saturday Morning Sound Show for a short time July 1997 to Feb 1999.   It was also  Sounds Dangerous with Drew Carey from April 1999 to Jan 2009.  And today this area is used for Jedi Training Academy Sign Up and also Carbon Freeze Me.