Who needs a Magic Band

When I was a young boy we ventured from Indiana to Florida once a year with our extended family in a large RV.   We had a blast on the trip down and loved staying in the Fort Wilderness Campground.    Once on property everyone in the party received a Walt Disney World Identification Card.  Here is my card from 1978(no that’s not my signature as I was too young to sign)  , did you save any of yours?

Fort Wilderness Pass 2

This card was used to prove you were staying on property whenever boarding Disney transportation or any other area of the resort that required identification.   One other feature was you could charge items from stores and restaurants back to your account by just showing the number on the card.   Oh times were so simple, who needed electronics and Magic Bands when you could just use a hand written number.    As you can see the card did not get you admission into the one and only theme park at the time.    Do you save your Disney Park Cards?