We all love Finding Nemo the Musical in Animal Kingdom’s Theater in the Wild, but do you remember what was in this theater before Nemo?

Tarzan Rocks

Originally an open-air amphitheater, that means no AC folks, the Theater in the Wild has been home to 3 fun filled shows.

  • From opening day of Animal Kingdom until July 1999 (just over 1 year), the theater was the home to Journey into Jungle Book.   Featuring, of course, song and characters from the classic movie the Jungle Book.
  • Jungle Book was replaced by Tarzan Rocks, which ran in the theater until Jan 2006.   Tarzan Rocks did just that, it Rocked with performers singing many of our favorite Phil Collins songs from the animated feature.   The show was filled with amazing aerial trapeze and in line skating acrobatics.
  • Jan 2007 until today the Theater is presenting – Finding Nemo the Musical.    Based on the hit animated movie, this must-“sea” adventure makes a splash with spectacular music and stunning theatrical puppetry.

Which of these shows did you get to see?   Which one is your favorite?   Leave a comment and let us know…..