Epcot Discovery Center

Are you a learner?   Did you visit the Epcot Discovery Center, or the EPCOT Outreach and EPCOT Teacher’s Center.   Yes these were back in the days of all CAPS EPCOT.   Originally called Epcot Outreach, the center provided information, referrals, and reference material via displays, computer print outs and printed brochures.   A professional librarian and research assistance were available to provide additional aid in obtaining facts in many of the fields presented at EPCOT.

The center was designed to “meet the overwhelming response from guests who want to know more details about the subjects and technologies that are showcased at Epcot Center” stated Martin Sklar.   The center was located in CommuniCore (Community Core), in 1994 CommuniCore was closed and redesigned into Innoventions.   During this makeover the Outreach and Teacher’s Center were combined into the Epcot Discovery Center.   The Discovery Center closed in October of 1998.

Did you get the chance to visit CommuniCore?  EPCOT Outreach?  EPCOT Teacher’s Center?  Or, Epcot Discovery Center?   Let us know what you enjoyed in the comments below.     Be sure to check out all the other great history on the hop today.