FavoriteFoodFriday 1

Our Favorite Food This Week: 1/3 lb Angus Cheeseburger and Fried Shrimp

Location: ABC Commissary (Hollywood Studios)
Price: $10.99 (served with fries or apple slices)

ABC Commissary Burger

For those of us that grew up watching TV in the 80’s and 90’s you will love the background music at ABC Commissary which consists of theme songs to popular TV shows of that time.   As for the burger, I try to avoid burgers at the parks, but this one is worth a try.   The Angus beef is seasoned well and there is a special sauce which makes it more than just your ordinary theme park burger.    Oh and don’t forget your bonus fried shrimp,these are placed on top of the burger and easily removed to consume on their own.


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