Our Favorite Food This Week: Back to the Kitchen by Freddie Prinze Jr.
Location: Your local bookstore or online
Price:  $16.56

Welcome to this week’s Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods with our friends.  Today we are stepping away from the restaurant.   Yes, I know, I’m not a huge cook either.    I love the ease of walking into a restaurant and enjoying an amazing meal.   When I do cook at home I don’t like to hit the store for a bunch of spices that I will only use once for this recipe, yep our cabinet is filled with these already.   So as I signed up for a recent conference, attending a cook book discussion was not high on my list, until I read who had written the cookbook, Freddie Prinze Jr.   First off, he is not a chef and hasn’t appeared on the iron chef or anything of the like.   Second, our family was also a fan of him and his wife.   Third, the description of the session said there would be FREE food.   After reading that I had to sign up 🙂

As I sat through the session and listened to Freddie Prinze Jr. tell his stories and talk about how his family comes together to cook these recipes I began to feel that this cookbook might be a bit different than the others.   Freddie was very down to earth and relate-able during and even one on one after the session.  His recipes are filled with flavor and not a ton of spices that you have to run out to the store to buy, he even includes substitute items and spices where he can.   And most importantly the recipes are low on ingredients overall, which means someone like me can take them on.

During the session Freddie mentioned that one of his favorite recipes was the Holy $#!% Pulled Pork.   I am a fan of pulled pork, so this was the first one that I tried.   And, Holy $#!% was it good, this definitely stood up to its name.   So if you are in the market for a simple, easy, low ingredient style cook book be sure to pick up Back to the Kitchen, by Freddie Prinze Jr.   Why not pick up a few for Holiday Gifts!!