Fairfax Fare - Hollywood Studios - BBQ Sandwich - DisneyDayByDay

Our Favorite Food This Week: Barbecued Pork Sandwich
Location: Fairfax Fare, Hollywood Studios
Cost: $8.79

Welcome to this week’s Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods with our friends.  So many changes are brewing at Hollywood Studios, but one place still stands and that’s Fairfax Fare.  Recently Fairfax received more covered seating along with covered ordering areas.    Though we don’t frequent this quick service much in the summer as all the seating is outdoors, this is a great spot in the spring.   I do love my BBQ, so anytime I see this on the menu I have to give it a try.   The BBQ Pork Sandwich is topped off with with coleslaw and served  on a Kaiser roll.   I am not a huge coleslaw fan, but this added a bit of sweetness to the sandwich, overall I did enjoy it.    If you are a BBQ fan, then this is the place to go when you are at Hollywood Studios.