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Our Favorite Food This Week:  Turtle Cheesecake
Location: Coral Reef Restaurant- Epcot
Price: $8.49

Welcome to this week’s Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods with our friends.   This week I continue with some of the family favorites with my niece Bailey, she is my chocolate and mac and cheese connoisseur.  On this trip she ordered The Chocolate Wave at the Coral Reef Restaurant.    Not as fancy as the turtle we saw last week, but this chocolate was no match for Bailey.   Winning the clean plate club award makes me think this was an excellent choice for anyone who loves chocolate.   Now raise your hands and let’s get the wave going around the room…….

The Chocolate Wave - Coral Reef - Epcot - DisneyDayByDay


What is your favorite food at Coral Reef?

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