Our Favorite Food This Week: Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade
Location: Pineapple Promenade – Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Booth
Price: $4.25 (Snack DDP)

Welcome to Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods.    This past week we spent a day at Epoct enjoying the beautiful Flower and Garden Festival.   As with each year of this Festival, we look forward to the flower arrangements, we also can’t wait to get another Frozen Violet Lemonade.    This frozen drink is sweet, delicious, and an excellent way to cool off in the spring Florida sun.    This has always been one of our favorite items at the Flower and Garden booths, so we are glad it’s back again this year.    It’s so good, even the Undercover Tourist has a recipe you can try at home if you can’t make it to the parks.   Stay tuned over the next couple weeks as we share more of our Flower and Garden treats.    If you have a favorite this year let us know……