Our Favorite Food This Week: Kalua Pork Slider
Location: Hawaii Booth at 2016 Epcot Food and Wine Festival
Price:  Price of Port Adventure – $4.25

Welcome to this week’s Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods with our friends.  This week are at the Epcot Food and Wine festival, the weather has started to cool and the fall is one of our favorite times to visit the parks.  Our first item we sampled this year was the Kalua Pork Slider from the Hawaii booth.   This slider consists of pulled pork, sweet and sour pineapple chutney, and spicy mayonnaise.   Overall it was one of our favorite items.   The pork was cooked right and still juicy, the pineapple added a touch of sweetness, and the mayonnaise gave it a little kick but not too much that you were running to the nearest water fountain.