Our Favorite Food This Week: Mango Bubble Tea
Location: China, Epcot, Food and Wine Festival 
Price: $6.95 

Welcome to Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods.    We continue around the World Showcase at the Food and Wine Festival and stopped by China to try this interesting drink.   I will say this is interesting and not so much my favorite :).    As with all bubble style teas the “Bubbles” are towards the bottom and the straw you are given is large enough for them to come through.    Normally the bubble burst and offer flavor, but for some reason these bubbles didn’t easily burst and you had to chew them to release the flavor.    The flavor of the tea mixed with milk was really good, but i just wasn’t a huge fan of the chewy bubbles.    What’s your favorite beverage at the festival this year?   I need to try something new……