California Adventure - Paradise Garden Grill

Our Favorite Food This Week:  Mediterranean Skewers
Location: Paradise Garden Grill – California Adventure Park
Cost: $11.99

Welcome to this week’s Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods with our friends.   This week we head to the west coast and to one of my favorite meals at Disney’s California Adventure.   The Mediterranean Skewers at Paradise Garden Grill are amazing.   When ordering your skewer you select the meat or veggie and then the sauce.   The meat/veggie choices are Grilled Steak, Lemon-Oregano Chicken, Spicy Meatball, and Grilled Tofu with Veggies.   After this selection you pick your sauce, they have 3 to choose from Chili(spicy tomato sauce, harissa chili, and garlic), Chimichurri (Fresh Herbs, citrus, garlic and olive oil), and Tzatziki (cucumber, garlic, lemon juice, and greek yogurt).  You know me, I had to go wtih the one that I had no idea how to pronounce Tzatziki.   Pronunciation or not it was darn good.   Your skewers come with rice pilaf, cucumber salad, and pita bread.   It’s a big meal so feel free to invite a friend, comment below and I’ll send you my number :).

What is your favorite quick service meal at Disney’s California Adventure?

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