Our Favorite Food This Week: Mickey Cheeseburger
Location: Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe – Magic Kingdom
Price: $15.97

Welcome to Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods.    I know what you are thinking – man that’s a lot of cheese.   Well, you are right, but it’s also a lot of cheese that is oh so good.   When I saw the cast member putting this on the tray I thought I made a huge mistake.  It actually turned out to be really good, but you may want to grab a fork on the way to your seat.    This burger is covered in macaroni and cheese, American cheese, cheese sauce, and spicy cheese dust.   That’s a lot of cheese in one sentence.    The cheese is not overwhelming as you eat the burger, the one disappointment was the spicy cheese dust – it’s more like a garnish that looks cool.   I did not taste any spice in this dust.  Overall the Mickey burger itself was good and I would order it again, I opted for the green beans instead of fries.    What’s your favorite at Cosmic Rays at the Magic Kingdom???