Medieval Times

Our Favorite Food This Week: Baked Chicken
Location:  Medieval Times, Orlando
Price: Vaires

Welcome to Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods.    This week we head outside the parks to our favorite Dinner Attraction, Medieval Times.   This spring Medieval Time is celebrating with an all-new show including new costumes, music, and more.   We will have more details over the weekend on our latest visit.    As for the food, first off, don’t expect white table clothes with the finest of China.   That has no place in this Medieval castle.   No fork or spoon included, you are going for it with only your hands for this meal.   Yes, they do provide wet towelettes along with a warm wet cloth to clean up at the end of the meal.   As for the food, it’s your standard medieval fare, a warm cup of tomato bisque with a side of garlic bread starts the meal.   The main includes a moist seasoned roasted chicken, buttered corn, and herb-basted potato.   With the delicious food and show, you can’t go wrong at Medieval Times.

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