S.E.A Shu Mai - Skipper Canteen - DisneyDayByDay

Our Favorite Food This Week:  S.E.A Shu Mai
Location: Skipper Canteen – Magic Kingdom
Cost: $10

Welcome to this week’s Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods with our friends.  This week we head back to the Skipper Canteen to try one of the appetizers.   As you can see from the shot above we chose the S.E.A. SHU MAI.   It is a legendary blend of Pork, Shrimp, Mung Beans, and spices wrapped in Gyoza Skin then steamed.   We were presently surprised by this one, over all the flavor was great and the added sauce really helped to pull out the flavor.   The sauce itself is hot, but since it comes in it’s own container it’s very easy to add a little or a lot if you like it hot.