Our Favorite Food This Week: Shake and Burger at Sci-Fi Drive-In
Location: Sci-Fi Drive_in Theater Restaurant – Hollywood Studios
Price:  Shake $7 , Burger and Fries $19.00

Welcome to Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods.    This week we stopped in at the Drive-In… the Sci-Fi Drive-In at Hollywood Studios to not only enjoy some good food but also some good flicks.   The Sci-Fi Drive-In takes you back to the days of the classic drive-in with cars as the tables and a large screen at the front of the restaurant cycling through some classic Sci-Fi movie clips.  We noticed that each clip featured a lady screaming somewhere in the background.  While you are enjoying these classic clips your food is served in your “car”.    Keeping it simple we went with the Classic burger and the oreo cookie shake.    The shake was thick but not too thick to drink and the burger had good flavor.   What’s your favorite at the Drive-In…. what should we try next time????