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Our Favorite Food This Week: Skip’s Mac and Cheese
Location: Skipper Canteen, Magic Kingdom
Cost: $19.00

Welcome to this week’s Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods with our friends.  This week we stopped by the new Skipper Canteen at the Magic Kingdom.   If you love traveling with the Skippers from the Jungle Cruise, then you will love eating at this restaurant.   Yes corny jokes are free with every meal.   After hearing from a few others that had already stopped in at the Canteen, I knew going in that I was going to try the Mac and Cheese.  This is definitely one Mac and Cheese that I would get again, both my wife and son also tried it and loved it.   The Mac and Cheese is described as “A typical Egyptian dish consisting of Spiced Ground Beef, pasta and Bechamal sauce served with broccoli”   The spiced ground beef and sauce gave it somewhat of a chili mac taste.   I loved ever bit of it definitely worth a try if you find yourself hungry from your cruise.