Our Favorite Food This Week: Tacos de Carne
Location: San Angel Inn Restaurante, Mexico, Epcot
Price:  $21.95

Welcome to this week’s Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods with our friends.  Today we take a look at a meal we had on our last visit to Epcot.   I apologize for the pictures above, if you have ever been to or walked past San Angel Inn you know how dark it is in this area.  The food tasted much better than my pictures 🙂   It’s actually been a few years since we have sat down for a meal here, but after this meal we will be adding it to our list of favorites.    The meal starts with a round of crisp chips served with both Mild and Hot Salsa.  Both were good, my wife preferred the mild while our son and I liked the hot better.     Do you best to not fill up on these as we always do, because your tasty meal is next.   Both my wife and I selected the Tacos de Carne these are Grilled New York strip on flour tortillas, topped with chipotle pepper sauce, scallions and avocado, served with rice and refried black beans.   You get three of these taco’s filled with juicy grilled New York Strip.    The taste and portion side were perfect for us and afterward we all discussed returning again.   What’s your favorite meal at San Angel Inn?