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Our Favorite Food This Week:  Worms in Dirt Cupcake
Location: Backlot Express – Hollywood Studios – Earth Week
Price: $4.99 + tax

Welcome to this week’s Favorite Food Friday where we share our favorite foods with our friends.   This week we head to Hollywood Studios to the Backlot Express.   If I was to say Worms in Dirt, not too many of you are picturing food and getting hungry, are you?    Well what if I added one more little word to that – “Cupcake” – yes folks I bring you the Worms in Dirt Cupcake!!!   Earth week was celebrated recently at Walt Disney World and as part of the celebration there were many great snacks to try.   These included the cupcake in our post along with a Worms and Dirt caramel apple and a worms and dirt tart.

Worms in Dirt Cupcake 1

Worms in Dirt Cupcake


The Worm in Dirt Cupcake was a chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate pudding and topped with dirt (cookie crumbs), sprinkles, a gummy worm, and a sugar flower pot.   Yes the flower pot was edible for that extra sugar buzz.    The cupcake itself was moist and tasted best when eaten with the pudding.   We ended up scraping most of the other sugary items to the side and only sampled them in the end.

Worms in Dirt Cupcake 2

All the pieces that make up the cupcake

Worms in Dirt Cupcake 3

Split down the middle to find the pudding

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