Our Hidden Mickey this week comes from Conservation Station at Rifiki’s Planet Watch at the Animal Kingdom.   We had an amazing time with my brother and his family at the parks last week.   Unfortunately we did have some rain, but we spent the time wisely looking for Hidden Mickey’s.    One spot that we were seeking cover in was Conservation Station.   As you enter the building there is a large animal mural filled with some fun Hidden Mickey’s.   Even a few cast members joined in our fun and pointed out this one.     Can you find it?   

Hidden Mickey - Conservation Station - 1 - DisneyDayByDay

As you round the corner and enter the main room of the building you will see this large yellow, white, and black butterfly on the right.   Take a close look at his face.

Hidden Mickey - Conservation Station - 2 - DisneyDayByDay


Hi Mickey!!   Did you spot him?

We love Hidden Mickey‘s.     Where is your favorite one?