Our Hidden Mickey this week comes from Dinosaur at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.   Does your family want to ride the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom, but you are too scared, or I mean just don’t feel like it today?   How about exploring the Dinosaurs on the paths outside this attraction and finding some Hidden Mickeys!!!    Yes you can use that as an excuse to not ride the ride :).

As you enter the main entrance to Dinosaur, take a look to the left.   You will spot this guy…..

Dinosaur Hidden Mickey 2

He’s pretty tame, not jumping at you trying to scare you just so he can take a funny picture.   But look real close at those spots on his back…..

Dinosaur Hidden Mickey

Hi Mickey!!  See not riding the ride paid off.

Have you spotted a hidden Mickey at Animal Kingdom????    Let us know in the comments below.

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