Our Hidden Mickey this week comes from the Maharajah Jungle Trek at the Animal Kingdom.   The walking paths at the Animal Kingdom are many times skipped over by guests.   These paths are amazingly themed and offer some great up close experiences with many animals.    If you are looking to get away from the crowds for a bit and take in a few more animals, be sure to check them out.    And while you are on them, watch out for Hidden Mickey‘s you just might spot one or two.   Like in this tiger mural below, can you spot him?

Maharajah Jungle Trek - Hidden Mickey

Take a look below the tiger in the blue paint, do you see him?

Maharajah Jungle Trek - Hidden Mickey 2

Hi Mickey!!   If you haven’t experience this Jungle Trek, check out our video below to see what you are missing.

We love  Hidden Mickey‘s.      Where else have you spotted one at the Animal Kingdom?

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