Our Hidden Mickey this week comes from Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.   As you enter the lodge’s amazing lobby one thing that will quickly draw your attention is the 82 foot tall fireplace.   The rock work in the fireplace mimics the layers of rock that make up the Grand Canyon but also contains a few images of our favorite pal.   Be sure to walk all the way around it and see if you can spot any  Hidden Mickey‘s, here is a few hints for one of them.   Pay close attention to the area where our arrow is pointing below.

Hidden Mickey - Wilderness Lodge

Here we zoom in for you and circle the area you should pay attention to.   Can you see him.   The next picture highlights the area to you can compare the two.

Wilderness Lodge Fireplace - Hidden MickeyWilderness Lodge Fireplace - Hidden Mickey 2

Hi Mickey!!  He was hiding pretty good in this one.   There might be a couple more around the fireplace so be sure to keep looking.   

We love  Hidden Mickey‘s.      Where else have you spotted one at the Wilderness Lodge?