Our Hidden Mickey this week is from Storybook Circus in New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. The weather is turning warmer and soon we will be complaining about the heat and seeking out a way to cool off.   When you are in Storybook Circus a great place to cool off is Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak Station.   Water shoots out from many places on the train and from the animals having a great time on the train.    See if you can find the Hidden Mickey on the train, find the Giraffe train car directly behind Casey Jr and take a close look at the clouds behind the tallest Giraffe.   Do you see it?   Watch out for the Giraffe that likes to spit water.    We have outlined it below to help you find it on your next trip.

Storybook Circus Giraffe Hidden Mickey - DisneyDayByDay

Where have you found a Hidden Mickey in Storybook Circus?